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BioMed & Surgical Services & Repair

Why should health care facilities come to us for BioMed and surgical services and repair?

At Kinney Surgical Services, Inc., we repair rather than replace. Most companies replace or exchange the boards. You do not know the history of those boards. When you repair to component level, you know what the problem is and you fix it. With a used board you don’t know if it had intermittent faults that could come up later. Component level repair is more reliable and usually less expensive.

We repair patient and vital sign monitors, but our list is always growing. If it’s not listed here, give us a call.

Our Service List

Servicing Patient & Vital Sign Monitoring Equipment. High Quality Repairs. No RGA number required. One year warranty on Parts & Labor. Quick Turnaround. Free Ground Shipping.


Contact us with questions or comments about blade sharpening, surgical services, BioMed repair or any of our other services!

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