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Knee Positioners and Distractors Repair

With so many manufacturers creating a wide range of surgical instruments, it can be difficult to find the right service and repair company for those instruments. Kinney Surgical offers complete surgical instrument repair for every type of surgical instrument including all types of knee positioners, distractors and other hospital bed and table attachments. When you choose Kinney Surgical for your knee positioner maintenance you’ll only pay for what you actually need repaired (no large, flat rate fees). With our adjoining machine shop, we are able to manufacture most moving parts on any piece of equipment needing repair or replacement. This saves your time and money from having to be put towards purchasing an entirely new unit simply because of a small broken piece within.

Our qualified technicians will offer explanations of the repairs and share detailed reports and photos from the master technician that worked on your knee positioners, distractors, table attachments, and more. At Kinney Surgical we spend many hours researching and contacting brand name manufacturers to determine the best way to make repairs to each type of knee positioner and distractor. We believe in utilizing the tried and true OEM manufacturing processes for maintenance and repairs instead of cutting corners or trying newly developed methods that have no proven track record of long term success. Our inspection process can even detect items that may need to be repaired before failure.

What do we repair on knee positioners and distractors?

When we repair a knee positioner or distractor, there are many pieces to consider. Whether is the boot pivot, slide lock, handles, or clamps, we understand how these things can have an impact on the effectiveness of your equipment and cause road blocks when you’re treating a patient. To assess the equipment for the repairs needed, our qualified technicians look at six main areas that are likely to show the most wear and decreased functionality over time.

A: Handles, Locks, Latches: These can each be adjusted, repaired, refurbished, or replaced to achieve proper working order.

B: Clamps: We’ll refurbish the clamps or manufacture and replace any parts that are too worn to be refurbished.

C: Slide Lock: The teflon slides may need replacement. We’ll also remove burrs, and replace screws.

D: Boot Pivot: The locking ball may need to be replaced or refurbished in order to restore the positioner to its highest level of functionality.

E: Distractor: We’ll take a look at the springs and refurbish any internal parts needing maintenance.

F: Boot: The boot will be refurbished, welded, and re-anodized if needed.

Specific Models and Brands:

Our qualified technicians are highly skilled in medical instrument repairs and have experience servicing a wide range of different brands and models of knee positioners and distractors. Below is a list of knee positioner models that we typically service. However, this list is not all inclusive. If you don’t see the model or brand of the positioner you’re looking to get repaired, don’t worry! Just give us a call and we’d be more than happy to take a look at it.

IMP Medical:

  • DeMayo – IMP Catalog # 803 & 803S
  • DeMayo D2 – IMP Catalog # 803-114
  • DeMayo Universal Distractor – IMP Catalog # 907

Medical Products Resource:

  • MPR MIKP Alvarado w/Ball Joint Block – MPR-MIKP-BJ-2, MPR-MIKP-BJ
  • MPR MIKP Alvarado System – MPR-MIKP
  • MPR Alvarado Knee Positioner System, Aluminum Boot – 1320-000

Artisan Medical Devices:

  • Alvarado Knee Positioner Boot & Platform – SKU: BTZ-100


  • TKR Positioner – 800-0141_800-0171
  • Knee Crutches – 800-0041


  • TKR Positioner – SKU #: BF158


  • Robb Leg Positioner – 2630-11
  • Stulberg Leg Positioner – 2620-10
  • Stulberg Sliding Bolster – 2730

KLM Medical Equipment:

  • Ladderloc Surgical Knee Positioner System – SKU: LL1900

Match Grade Medical:

  • Solorail Standard Knee Positioner – SKU: #SR2800
    Solorail Deluxe Knee Positioner – SKU: #SR4000

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