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Passivation System

Kinney Surgical Services Passivation System removes rust and contaminates. Passivation is a chemical process that activates chromium oxidation, producing a natural protective layer that attaches to the surface of an instrument.


Before and after the passivation system.

What is the chemical process doing to your instrument?

Instruments have peaks and valleys on their surfaces. Contaminants and minerals, ranging from blood to saline, hide in these valleys and tarnish instruments. When heated in processes like cleaning and sterilizing, these contaminants adhere to steel.

Kinney Surgical Passivation System removes the top layer (or one-ten-thousandth of an inch) from the surface of an instrument where all the contaminants live. Removing these peaks eliminate valleys where contaminates hide, enabling a natural, protective layer of chromium oxidation to form.

What is Chromium Oxidation?

photo-4Chromium Oxidation is a natural protective layer that attaches to the surface of an instrument. This layer prolongs the life of an instrument by preventing contaminates and other by-products from adhering to the metal for a period of time.

The results of the Passivation System are phenomenal. Removing contaminates from the surface of an instrument prevents staining or rusting, allowing the tool to function as new. Kinney Surgical can double the life of any instrument.

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